Food Agency
We are the link for manufacturers and suppliers to retailer , food service companies and the food industry in the Netherlands . We go beyond strategic advice . Our detailed knowledge of the market enables us to act as your local sales and marketing arm.

Market research
We provide you with quantitative and qualitative market information for your brand and the category in which you are active . You get feedback on opportunities for your brand and understanding of the trade partners. We also provide consumer research to determine which consumers, consumption time and your lifestyle brand is best.

Strategic planning
Based on research, we develop a strategy how to enter the market. Besides the selection of sales channels and trade partners we develop a strategy, pricing strategy and promotion strategy.

We have years of experience in executing sales plans and introducing new concepts in the competitive Dutch retail and foodservice market. We introduce your brand to the selected distribution partners and negotiate with them about the trade terms. We also provide for participation in trade fairs.

Marketing support
We work with a number of partners with whom we can provide an excellent support for your brand and concept by Marketing and PR, in-store product samplings and other opportunities.